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Project Management

Our experienced project team formed by professional engineers always accomplish tasks of new product development for customers. Time table for entire project is determined after the discussion with manufacturer, and shared with customers before the project kicks off. During the process of product development, LnF do the following work to make sure we deliver quality products on time:


  • Communicate with customers to fully understand customers’ needs and locate every focus point about the products, then work out the quality plans including standard inspection procedure before actual production.

  • Run specialized simulation software to testify production processes.

  • QC in the project team to on site inspect toolings and samples before they proceed to next stage and advise correction plan immediately if necessary.

  • Call for conference meetings on regular time base to share the latest information from on-site engineers and project tracking specialists.

  • Make full PPAP reports for samples and submit to customers.


Our project team don’t only follow up the product development until customers’ approval on samples, but also take care the trouble shooting of those products through every batch of mass production.

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