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System Platform

LnF has introduced ERP system and Office Automation system to create advantages on business management and improve efficiency to another level. After years of optimization, the benefits that they brought have been reflected in every single part we produce.



  • Integrates all the business function of every department into one system to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings during information communication.

  • Helps us manage over 3000 existing products and their prices efficiently and precisely.

  • Provides the interface for managing and tracking all the day to day routine activities in the manufacturing process.

  • Supports all the business processes and practices including inventory management such as consignment.


OA office automation system

  • Integrates all types of daily based work flows under one internal website.

  • Improves communication by sending and recording accurate information and cutting off delay time of information travelling.

  • Reminds of important work task and personal customized working plan.

  • Records all types of meeting memos and business trip memos.

  • Reduces the cost of operations and increases the volume of office work.


All the functions above enable us to continuously provide a stabilized and efficient service to customers at reasonable prices.

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