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Sand Casting

We have multi options of sand casting processes for our customers to choose including manual molding, squeezer molding machines, and auto molding lines. This allows us to cover the weight range of products from 0.5 kg to over 10 metric tons, and be able to handle the orders with both small and big quantities. 

We cast from common grades of gray iron, ductile iron, steel up to ABS grades. Different molding sands such as clay sand, coated sand and resin sand are available for customers to apply for the dimensions, appearance and cost of their castings.

  • Process: clay sand casting, silicate sand casting, resin sand casting, metal mold casting, precision casting, lost wax precision casting, V casting, lost foam casting, ceramics casting, die casting, gravity casting, precoated resin sand shell mold casting

  • Equipment: Molding machine, shoot core machine, clay sand molding line, resin sand production line, pressure casting machine, V casting production line, lost foam casting production line, CNC machine center, general machine tools

  • Finish: coating, zinc phosphide, impregnation, zinc plating, hot dip galvanized, e-coating, paint, spray paint, black oxide coating, anodized, passivation and others

core making
core shooter
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照片 872
Sand casting-foundry
Sand box large size
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Sand Blasting
Sand mixing
Sand casting parts
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