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Quality Control

Our warehouses are fully staffed with technical and quality control engineers that assure maximum quality in design and manufacturing.

LnF is dedicated to delivering products with top quality. We understand that our customers are world class industry leaders and require the most reliable, durable, and efficient parts.

It’s our duty to assure maximum levels of quality, which is why we:

  • Perform on site audit assessments

  • Use computer aided design (CAD)

  • Manage our privately owned warehouses and factories

  • Use quality information system (QIS) to integrate, organize and record all the quality data

  • Design standard inspection procedure (SIP) for each part to ensure all QC follow the same inspection steps 

  • Uphold the strictest levels of quality control and comply with strict industry guidelines and regulations

  • Own specialized  inspection equipment to meet customers' unique inspecting requirements, such as CMM, portable CMM, salt spray tester, optical comparator etc.

  • Follow 8D customer feedback and correction system to prevent mistakes and improve quality

Inspection equipment
salt spray tester
portable CMM
optical comparator
tensile tester
cold impact tester
chemical component tester
hardness tester
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